The Good Old Hellenes

Maija-Leena Kallela
Juhani Sarsila

Evidently, the ancient Greeks were right in predicting that people would talk about them in all the days to come. With their words and deeds, the Hellenes have earned a permanent place in the temple of Cleio, Muse of History.

The readers of THE GOOD OLD HELLENES are invited to join a journey in time of about a thousand years. They will meet lawmakers, kings, statesmen, poets, wise and eccentric - even crazed - philosophers, playwrights pondering the human condition and stern or cruel or unexpectedly humane warlords. In the spirit of ancient rhetoric, the book attempts to teach, attract and move the readers. As in the case of all "history-makers", many cheerful anectodes have been told about these great souls as well.

Each tale, written in three languages - Finnish, English and Latin - and numbering forty-seven in all, is followed by a brief biographial text providing further background information about the person in question.

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