Greetings from the Mayor of Jyv&aulm;skylä

Jyväskylä and its surroundings is one of Finland's biggest growth centers. Jyväskylä is known as a cradle of Finnish education and civilization. Our city has 134,000 residents and one third of them is highly educated. There are nearly 45,000 students in our city. Jyväskylä is young, vibrant and international educational hub. University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and the Air Force Academy are among the most popular educational institutions in our country. There are high level of technology expertise as evidenced by the paper manufacturing technology, environmental and energy technology, information and nanotechnology. Culture, sports and events are multi-dimensionally represented in the city.

Athenis Finlandiae event is held the sixth time this year. The organizers have sensed the atmosphere of enthusiasm for the Latin language and ancient culture, and they have each year provided programme that is varied, interesting and attractive also for the general public.

Athenis Finlandiae will contribute to strengthening the long tradition of Jyväskylä both as the city of culture and a reputable venue of cultural events.

On behalf of the City of Jyväskylä it is my pleasure to wish all the best of success for the event, and rewarding moments with Latin and German as well as Medieval culture for the participants this year.

Markku Andersson

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