Classical culture for all

Jyväskylä, the “Athens of Finland”, hosts the annual event of Athenis Finlandiae, which aims at promoting classical culture by bringing it close to the citizens of today. The programme offers an interesting mixture of art, science and entertainment, all of which have, in one way or another, their roots in antiquity.

You are welcome to join, enjoy and learn, whether you are familiar with the ancient Greek and Roman culture or have no previous experience in the field at all. We offer you a cultural cocktail of the treasures of antiquity and its heritage to the entire world. Carpe diem! – Seize the moment!

We wish to express our sincere thanks to those who have contributed to the programme and given us support in organizing this wonderful event.

You are warmly welcome. We look forward to meeting you in the Athens of Finland!

Taru-Maija Heilala-Rasimov, Event Coordinator
The Association for the Promotion of Music, Culture and Arts


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